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Web Chat Services

Customized, branded web chat tools for your website-at no additional cost

If you knew that one simple move could up your online conversions by 60 percent, wouldn't you do it? Research has shown that adding an instant communication feature to your website--chat--can do just that.

Its Free to Implement

Look at our chat solution as an extension of the answering plan you've already selected. We don't charge you extra for this service, and we won't charge you per agent or chair; minutes spent on chat are deducted from your month's total allotment. And because chat can work with your monthly plan, we can scale up or down with your business's growth and needs.

Customizable Design

Our chat solution is a chameleon--everything from an "initiate chat" button to the window your customer sees can be customized to fit the look and feel of the site and brand you've already established. Your customers will appreciate the consistency, looking at chat as a true extension and representation of your company.

Proactive or Click-to-Chat

Proactive Chat
Chat can be particularly useful for customers who may have questions about products or issues checking out, especially when they do not have access to a phone. Because of its convenience, an online customer will choose a chat function over the phone. They can easily initiate chat with the click of a button.

On the other hand, too, our chat function is capable of working proactively. If a customer leaves in the middle of checkout or has idled on a page for several minutes, our Associates can be prompted to begin a chat and offer assistance. Making contact with your customer improves your sales conversions--hands down.

Directly track chat result

At G.O.A, we're committed to showing you your return on investment; including features that are trackable is the difference between making your campaigns good and making them great. We're happy to include a small piece of analytics coding to your chat function, which is compatible with several major analytics programs, so you can see who is chatting us, how they got to your chat feature, and what they're interested in.

1 ) Choose your logo and colors for your chat window.
2 ) Generate 1 small line of code
3 ) Place the code on your site and start taking chats!

Included Features:

- Take your own chats, have us handle them or do both
- Proactively contact instead of waiting for them to email or call
- Track visitors as they click from page to page
- Customers can instantly contact you regarding service, products, or technical problems
- Review your G.O.A web transcripts online
- 24/7/365 staffing by G.O.A associates