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Virtual Staff Services

OutSource to USA, US$1056 - $1760 per Month for a Full Time EmployeeOutSource Any Office work in Any Field or Profession ( E.g. programming, web design, law, SEO, transcription..etc)
Hire an Professional - To work for you remotely from our office

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-Virtual Staff Service

With Virtual Staff you can outsource any office work in any field or profession
E.g. software programming, web design, engineering, accounts, law, content writing, architecture, statistics, graphics design, SEO, data entry, payroll, medical billing, virtual assistance, bookkeeping, transcription, animation, call center etc.

With G.O.A virtual staff service you outsource your work by hiring a Virtual Employee

A Virtual Staff is simply an Employee(s) that works direclty for you, although remotely from Virtual Staff Office.

  • - You hire an "Employee" not a Freelancer.
  • - You work with the same Employee everyday (Dedicated).
  • - Your Employee works only and directly for you.
  • -You can work with the same Employee on a long term basis
    • A Virtual Staff is a remote addition and extension of your local team/company and so hiring a virtual Staff member(s) is just like hiring a local Employee without the hassle of providing him/her with all the equipment and not to mention it saves you allot of office space and money.

-How Does it work?

Although your Employee(s) works from a virtual Employee office and they are in your complete control.

  • - You Assign to your employee work and responsibilities.
  • - You instruct how your employee should complete, implement and execute the work.
  • - Your Virtual Staff follow your instructions/guidelines.
  • - You Supervise/monitor your staff work.
  • - Fast Tip: Create your personal blog to promote your self
  • - You Provide any required training.
  • - You set project deadlines.

    • How do you work with your Employees?
      It is entirely your choice. You decide if you are employee

      • - Works independently or closely/collaboratively with you.
      • - Utilize any computer hardware e.g. fax, scenner, webcam etc..
      • - Collaborates/communicates/interacts via phone, skype, email, video conferencing, remote pc software, internet collaboration tools etc.

-Outsourcing Management

For the outsourcing and hiring process to work and be a success, virtual Employee Provides the following additional logistical, legal, HR and managerial Services :

HR executives and managers monitor and supervise your employee(s) working 24/7/365. Virtual Employee(s) physical presence also allows for:

  • - A professional, administered and efficient office environment for your employee to work from
  • - Immediate and real time assistance for you.
  • - Implementation of any of yours directions.
  • -Management of your staff and in accordance with your instructions.
  • -Resolution of any problems.
  • -Assurance that your staff is working efficiently.
  • -Checks and follow ups on your employee(s) hourly.
  • -Physical observation of the entire outsourcung process at all times

    • - All employment taxes, insurance plans, labor law and employee benefits are responsibilities of G.O.A, not yours.
    • - 24 hours client support department - A source of contact for you for immediate managerial assistance.
    • - 24 hours employee technical and hardware support.
    • - HR services : employee assistance, attendance, payroll, leaves, administration, enforcement of policies etc.
    • - Senior management support, guidance and advice if required.

-Get Started

Getting Started with G.O.A’s Virtual Staff Service is simple. Fill out the form below and one of our members from management team will get back to you and get you setup. You will also be provided by an official quote and you may either accept or reject the quote at your own will. Our management staff member will help you in any way possible to make your process start as smoothly as possible.

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Please provide VirtualStaff with a detailed job description. We require this information to completely understand the type of employee you wish to hire. Accordingly this information is significant in assisting our HR department in providing you with a qualified and suitable employee.

Skill set*:Please provide us with information covering all the skills / experience /qualifications /technical or domain expertise you require in an employee.
Please let us know about the roles and responsibilites of the employee you seek to hire.
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Please let us know a little about the work your employee will actually be doing, i.e what their duties/task will be.
How many years of experiance should employee have in domain/skill set specified above.
If you have an attachment that you would like to share regarding your job vacancy please upload it here ( please upload only dox,docx,cls,xlsx,pdf,odt and ods file format).

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