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Outsource Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Services to G.O.A

Up-selling and cross selling your services/products to existing customers are extremely important for any organization to sell more and derive more profits. Does your organization have several customers to whom you can up-sell and cross-sell your services? We at G.O.A can effectively up-sell and cross-sell your services or products to your existing customers. Outsource up-selling and cross-selling services to G.O.A and spend your valuable time on your core competencies while we get more business for you from your existing customers. G.O.A has years of experience in the field of offshore up-selling and cross-selling and has helped several global organizations to successfully market their services/products to their existing customers and increase their bottom line.
Make the most of your existing customers by outsourcing up-selling and cross-selling services to G.O.A.

G.O.A’s up-selling services

Up-selling call center services are when you draw a customer's attention to a service/product of greater quality and sometimes even a higher cost. For instance, you can tell the customer that "Did you notice that you can get the same product with some extra features for just $85 more?" Such cross definition selling offers are usually made in a pleasant tone and never forced on the customer. Up-selling call center services are just a way to inform the customer of better products and services. At G.O.A, we have experienced call center teams/professionals that are trained in the art of up-selling services to customers. Outsource to G.O.A and stay assured about an increase in revenue from up-selling your services/products to existing customers.

G.O.A’s cross-selling services

The process of cross-selling call center services is similar to the inbound telemarketing technique that is used to notify customers of any related product/service that comes with the main product or service that the customer is primarily interested in. For example, a customer who has bought a computer printer from your organization might want to buy extra cartridges or paper. In such cases, if you inform your customers about the additional services that you provide they will continue to buy your products/services and remain dedicated to your organization. At G.O.A, we have trained customer support professionals who are skilled in cross-selling services to customers.

What are the benefits of outsourcing contact up-selling services and cross-selling services?

• By outsourcing cross/up-selling services you have the advantage of eliminating your intermediate supply chain management
• Outsourcing helps you save on your resources. You can utilize these resources for other productive work
• By offering services that benefit your customers, you will be in their good books. Your customers will start to trust you and buy more of your services/products

G.O.A – Your most reliable up-selling and cross-selling services partner

At G.O.A, our call centre executives will track the buying patterns of your customers and then devise a strategy to effectively up-sell and cross-sell your services to your customers. Our team is specifically trained to up-sell and cross-sell products/services that would actually meet the needs of your customers and make them happy. The up-selling and cross-selling professionals at G.O.A are provided access to fully automated call desks having multi-line dialing and as less as 350-400 milliseconds latency with leased fiber optic circuits. When you choose G.O.A as your online up-selling and cross-selling partner you can be sure of professional services.
G.O.A provides various advantages to customers who outsource cross-selling call center services and up-selling services:

• Dedicated and skilled workforce – G.O.A has a team of well trained and dedicated professionals who are adept at cross-selling and up-selling
• State-of-the-art technology - G.O.A has the most updated technology and infrastructure. We also have a solid back-up support to tide through emergencies
• Stringent audit measures – We follow strict audit standards. We also make sure that our customer support executives adhere to the call centre metrics that we follow

Start offshore up-selling and cross-selling call center services today. Contact us for up-selling services outsourcing and cross-selling services outsourcing.