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Data Entry Quality at G.O.A

If quality concerns are stopping you from outsourcing, consider outsourcing to Global Outsourcing Agency. We have been offering quality data entry services to our customers for the past 6 years. Although we provide cost-effective services, we never compromise on quality. We follow stringent Quality Assurance procedures to ensure that our customers get only the best of services. The data entry operators at Global Outsourcing Agency and its affiliates are trained to achieve 100% accuracy in data entry. Any data entry project that we take up at Global Outsourcing Agency is first validated by the computer and then manually rechecked. When you choose Global Outsourcing Agency, as your data entry partner, you can be assured of quality.

How does Global Outsourcing Agency ensure quality in data entry?

At Global Outsourcing Agency, we ensure data entry quality by taking the following steps:

• Table lookups.
• Sample checking of the data that has been entered.
• Training and retraining of our data entry operators.
• Replacing operators who are not up to the mark with competent ones.
• Double data entry.
• Manual verification of the data that has been entered.
• Field edits & validation.

Before dispatching the final output to our customers, we will make a checklist of all the items to be delivered. We will then cross-check all the items carefully and then do the final dispatch. Global Outsourcing Agency follows a stringent audit procedure to ensure that we provide our customers with only the best of services. Global Outsourcing Agency’s senior project managers conduct random quality checks on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and quality.

Why should you opt for the data entry services of Global Outsourcing Agency?

Choose Global Outsourcing Agency as your data entry partner and get access to the following advantages:

• Accurate services
• 24/7 customer support
• Affordable pricing models
• Security of confidential data

Read more about the data entry services (Link to DATA ENTRY-SUB1) that we offer. Contact us today and get access to quality data entry services.