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Order Management

Outsourcing your orders helps increase your bottom line

In our experience, we estimate that nearly half of all your calls will be to place orders, and the other half will be to check the status of an order or other inquiry. At G.O.A, we realize the necessity for you to capitalize on this potential, and our dedicated Associates can help to make sure that your valuable customers don't fall through the cracks, and that our services end up paying for themselves.

Customizing your parameters is a snap when you work with our trained Associates

During our comprehensive setup process will work with you to determine how we'll place orders, and where we'll get information for shipping, returns, and customer-service issues. If you are predominantly an e-'tailer, most of this information may be readily available on your website. In any case, when your customers call us, your customized and specific information is either directly in front of our Associates or a short click away.

Our innovative technology makes it easy for our Associates to work with your customers and to provide accurate information in a timely manner.

As soon as one of your customers calls your 800 number, a specialized screen appears on our Associates' desktops, giving not only the proper company information you have provided, but also a link to your website's order page and information about your products, so we can answer questions your patrons may have.

Our system is also built to allow easy adjustments. If ever your company has temporary or special instructions to go along with special promotions or even shipping issues, we can help you quickly and efficiently.

We do not charge more for managing orders versus answering customer service calls. G.O.A charges one per-minute price for answering and working with your customers.