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The Management Team at GOA

Steve J. Ryan – Founder & CEO

Steve J. Ryan (Founder & CEO) has over 10 years of work experience, with over 6 years in Senior Management positions and holds an MBA (Human Resources and Employee Relations) degree from The State University of New York and He has extensive experience in the Global Outsourcing and has worked with both Operations and Business Development (in USA) in establishing, managing and growing BPO companies. He brings great understanding of the BPO/KPO industry that is vital in helping today's businesses continue to remain focused on core competencies.While providing excellent insight into the industry of outsourcing, one of the best skills that he has is his calm and collected manner when it comes to balancing a difficult situation. Steve's management skills are at par with the best of the best in our industry as well as providing the most suitable advice when it comes to insuring that no one loses sight of our objectives.

Derek J. Ryan - Director, Business & Client Relations

Derek J. Ryan (Director, Business& Client Relations) comes in with over 5 years experience in the Call Center and BPO Industry, serving in various capacities such as Customer Support, Project Management and Business Development. After completing his BBA, Derek has worked with some of the leading corporations in managing there outsourcing ventures. A key leader of the Business Development team, Derek ensures that G.O.A focuses on understanding and providing what each of our clients need to make their investments pay off as early as possible.

Mike J. Ryan - Director, Outreach Operations

Mike J. Ryan (Director, Outreach Operations) holds an MBA(Marketing) degree from The State University of New Jersey, He has over 10 years industry experience and has worked in various roles including Call Center Manager, Business Development Director and Managing Director, His keen logical and analytical skills and experience in working with customers across various industry verticals and domains enables him to quickly identify core issues in providing business solutions.