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Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing

Outsourcing risks are inevitable. How do you hand over the future of your business to someone who's only been a voice on the phone? It isn't easy. But if you know what to look out for, you could actually reduce your outsourcing risks. Read these frequently asked questions to take your first step to risk-free outsourcing.

• What is G.O.A all about?
• What services does G.O.A provide?
• How will you handle my project?
• Will outsourcing to G.O.A be cost effective?
• What qualifications do your employees hold?
• Do you have adequate infrastructure to support my business processes?
• Do you possess long term viability?
• How do I pay you?
• How do I ensure that my data is protected?
• How do I sign-off a contract or work order?

What is G.O.A all about?

We are an American company started out from Brooklyn, NY. We have been serving global customers since 2007.
At G.O.A, we understand your concerns about outsourcing risks. We will function as part of your team and achieve your business goals.

What services does G.O.A provide?

• Lead Generation Services
• Virtual Employee Services
• Call Center Services
• Data Entry Services
• Healthcare Services
• Creative Services
• Financial Services
• Engineering services
• Research and Analysis Services
• Database Services
• Software Development
• Web Designing and Development Services
• Web Hosting Services
• Web Analytics Services

How will you handle my project?

Pilot Trial Program: We have a pilot trial period that will minimize your outsourcing risks. With this, you can evaluate our performance and decide whether you want to outsource your entire project to us or not. (Pilot Trial Programs costs same as full time project accept they have no long term fulfillment legal agreements)
Project Transition: We implement a 'Process Knowledge Transfer Methodology' that assures a seamless transition of your project offshore. This will greatly reduce your outsourcing risks.
Project Management: You will have a single point of contact who will be responsible for communication and management of every step of the project.
Customer Relationship: We take and implement regular feedback of the progress of your project.

Will outsourcing to G.O.A be cost effective?

G.O.A is about more than just cost saving. In addition to the 40%-60% cost reduction, we will help you actually increase your revenue with more efficient workflow processes.

What qualifications do your employees hold?

• The minimum qualification for recruitment is an A-Level (GCE Advanced Level is Equaling to High School in the United States) or college degree. All our employees are graduates, highly educated and handpicked for each job/project type.
• For more skilled projects like Research and Analysis, our staff holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration, Engineering, Human Resource, Marketing, Finance, Statistics, English Literature, Communication, Information Technology and Research.

Do you have adequate infrastructure to support my business processes?

• Yes, we have operations offices at different locations in in the world.
• All our offices have a minimum of 4MB Internet Bandwidth.
• All our employees work on minimum of Pentium 4 Machines with 2 Gigs of RAM and 120 Gigs of Hard Drives. Brands we use are; Dell, HP, IBM, Hitachi.
• Our LAN network is highly sophisticated and secured in every aspect you can imagine. We only use the best available tools to protect our network such as; Cisco Switches, Symantec Firewalls, Symantec Server Based Corporate antivirus servers, Hardware based Dialing solutions for manual and auto dialing with ability to provide IVR, Toll Free Support, International and Local DID Telephone Numbers from over 70 Countries and VoIP.
• Ability to provide custom CRM to provide quality service for each project. (Some Restrictions May Apply)
• Secure Data Storage.
• Recordings for each call can be accessed by secured FTP accounts or delivered as Clickable Recording Links.

Do you possess long term viability?

Yes, we are a debt-free company and make sure that we sign agreements/contracts.

How do I pay you?

The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer (Onshore US Bank Account) or by check. For any other mode of payment, please contact our Billing Department who will help you.

How do I ensure that my data is protected?

• We sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client and a non-disclosure bond with our staff. We know that this is pivotal in reducing outsourcing risks.

• We have firewalls/VPN (Virtual Private Network) for inbound and outbound security.
• Systems do not have external storage devices like floppy/CD drives/USB ports, etc.
• All our systems and e-mails are password protected.
• Our cabinets are fire-proof and we use an offsite storage facility to store documents.
• We have 'anti-virus' software implemented at both server and client level.
• Only employees are allowed access into our buildings through the access control system (Biometric Finger Print Authorization along with coded employee card). We also have 24 hour armed security.
• Surveillance cameras are installed throughout the premises and monitored 24/7/365.

How do I sign-off a contract or work order?

All you need to do is complete a given format and fax us a signed copy. You can also send us the work order as an email attachment.